DOBNER - Metal Ceiling Systems
   Dobner metal ceilings - suspended metal ceilings
The production area presently covers more than 2,800 m2.

Supported by ultra-modern factory will be manufactured high-quality ceiling systems in both aluminium and sheet steel.

The Dobner ceiling systems will be used in representative office buildings, banks, hospitals, sales premises, train stations, airports as well as hotels.

By high quality material allows Dobner customers to profit from long-terms use at competitive cost prices.

The manufacture of Dobner products are subjected to constant quality management procedures and are checked according to certification DIN EN ISO 9001,

Continued training ensures that Dobner staff have an advanced know-how and can assist in solving of all types of design solutions.

Dobner's aim is to give a prompt and professional approach to your requirements.

Dobner - Metal Ceilings, Metal Ceiling Systems